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Flexible Benefits Plan

The Flexible Benefits Plan (or Flex Plan) lets you choose coverage for yourself and your eligible family members. It includes five benefit plans and two reimbursement accounts to help you purchase additional insurance or set aside money to help pay for eligible health care and day care expenses.

These plans and accounts include:

These Benefit Plans offer you and your eligible dependents additional coverage options above and beyond the State's Health Plan. When choosing Dependent Coverage for any of these plans, EMPLOYEE COVERAGE IS MANDATORY. Election of coverage occurs within 30 days of your first day of work, during the enrollment period each spring or with a qualified family status change.

Flexible Benefit contributions are deducted automatically from each paycheck. Most Flex Plan contributions are deducted before taxes are taken from your paycheck; using tax-free dollars to fund expenses saves you money.

For the formal, legal document governing any Plan or Reimbursement Account, you can review the Flexible Benefits Plan document available at the Bureau of Personnel's
Web site. Refer to Who Do I Call to identify who can provide additional information.


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Benefit Plan Details

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